All of our diagnostic and interventional radiologists are fellowship-trained subspecialists that have been instructed at prestigious medical institutions across the United States. They are licensed to practice medicine in the State of Oregon and certified by the American Board of Radiology.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) establishes leadership, integrity, quality and innovation standards. All of our specialty trained radiologist participate in the ACR RadPeer program which is a peer review program recognized as the national quality standard for radiologists.

Our Quality Assurance & Patient Safety (QAPS) Committee regularly review cases submitted by referring physicians for additional comment. In addition, we sit on multiple medical boards at the different hospitals we serve to work collaboratively, solve challenging cases and improve patient outcomes.

Leslie Arpin MD
Leila Bender MD
Richard Burke MD
Jessica Germino MD
Chris Goeser DC MD
Nathan Gruenhagen MD
Jeff Hamlin MD
Dan Hendricks MD
Germaine Johnson MD
Victor Leonardo MD
Scott Mahon DO
John Molitor MD
Nicholas Satovick MD
Lauren Skaggs MD
Thomas Sullivan MD
Willy Terrall MD
Jamie Wong MD